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The Long-awaited POKA War, Finally Held In-Person in 2022

2022.12.28 POSTECH IR News

포카전 미나리20220922_제19회 카이스트 포스텍 학생대제전 전야제-055 20220924_제19회 카이스트 포스텍 학생대제전 야구. 과학퀴즈. 농구. 폐막식-006 KakaoTalk_20221028_142007408_02


After the long waiting caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘2022 POSTECH-KAIST Science War,’ also known as ‘POKA War (포카전)’ was finally held in-person. This year’s POKA War was held at POSTECH. Not only the local POSTECH students, but also international members of POSTECH got to experience the spirit of the festival and built unforgettable memories.