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POSTECH GSIT Offers Korea’s First Nano-Master’s Program

2018.11.02 POSTECH IR News

Coursera and edX, the leading massive open online course platforms, offer a series of online graduate level courses that one can take to develop skills for career advancement or earn graduate level credits. It was designed to bridge the gap for working professionals to continue advancing their education without detriment to their careers. Since the credits can be transferred to shorten the time required to receive an advanced degree, the program has been a success for professionals in the United States.


Recently, POSTECH has become the first university in Korea to offer such a program through the Graduate School of Information Technology (GSIT). The initial nanodegree programs offered will be in the fields of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.


Select courses from GSIT’s newly established Master’s program in Blockchain and AI will be made available online, and students who complete all the requirements and attain a grading of at least 70% will receive graduate credits. The first three courses available are Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts & Applications, and Machine Learning. These 3-credit courses will be taught with the same level of academic intensity as the regular on-campus courses. In line with the Ministry of Education’s current regulations, a student may apply up to 6 credits for a Master’s degree program. As such, should the regulations expand to permit for a greater number of credits, POSTECH will likewise match the allowance.


The POSTECH GSIT provides top-notch graduate level programs for professionals and researchers through online and offline courses to meet their demanding schedules. GSIT also offers MOOC programs in Big Data, IoT, 5G Networks, and Software Development.