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Notice on 2022 Online Korean Language Courses (King Sejong Institute)

2022.06.24 POSTECH IR News

The “Office of Innovative Program for Graduate School Development” has signed an agreement with King Sejong Institute Foundation in order to assist with POSTECH international members’ Korean language learning.


As a result, Online King Sejong Institute Korean Language Courses (Collaborative e-Class) with exclusive access to POSTECH members have opened. Those who enroll can gain access to all materials after signing up and logging in. Sign-up instructions are outlined in the attached file, ‘User Guide About Collaboration King Sejong Institute.’


We hope that these courses can benefit many of our members.


* Members must use their POSTECH e-mail accounts to sign up

■ Eligibility: Any POSTECH member wishing to learn Korean (beginner to intermediate levels)

■ Service Period: June 13, 2022 ~ February 28, 2023

■ Tuition Fee: Free


■  What is Online King Sejong Institute?

1. Concept: An online learning service through which users can access Korean learning materials on PC and mobile devices.

2. Course Introduction: Users will take a level test before learning begins in order to assess the most appropriate course for their respective Korean level (Refer to the attached file, ‘How to Use Online Level Test’).



Course of Study


Sejong Korean Introduction

Beginner 1

Cyber Korean Beginner 1

Sejong Korean Conversation 1

Beginner 2

Cyber Korean Beginner 2

Sejong Korean Conversation 1


Cyber Korean Intermediate 1

Sejong Korean Conversation 3

Cyber Korean Intermediate 2

Sejong Korean Conversation 4

K-WAVE Korean

Let’s learn Korean through K-dramas

Let’s learn Korean through K-pop

3. Course Materials: You can find the course materials on the web page you applied. (Scroll down and find the attached zip file under “Attachment”)


4. Supported Languages: 9 languages including Korean, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish (supported languages may vary for each course).


5. Completion Criteria: 70% or higher completion percentage for each course is required for users to be certified for completion.


6. Certification: Learners can be issued with a certificate upon course completion (self-issuance is available through Online Sejong Institute).

※ Please refer to the Online Sejong Institute website for more information: