News & Events

  • [ISSS Events] 2019 Family Field Trip

    2019.04.11 ISSS Events
  • [News] A New Novel Technology for More Hydrogen Storage in Ice-Like Crystals

    2019.03.20 News
  • [ISSS Events] 2019 Spring Orientations

    2019.02.27 ISSS Events
  • [News] Dr. Mun Y. Choi, The First Asian American President of the University of Mis-souri System, Is Awarded an Honorary Doctorate at POSTECH

    2019.02.18 News
  • [ISSS Events] 2019 Lunar New Year Celebration

    2019.01.30 ISSS Events
  • [News] Polaris3D Showcases Self-Driving Indoor Robot Solution at CES 2019

    2019.01.18 News
  • [News] Season’s Greetings from POSTECH International Relations

    2018.12.23 News
  • [News] Professor Emeritus Wokyung Sung publishes the first graduate level textbook on statistical physics for biological matter

    2018.12.17 News
  • [News] Why do people go wild for BTS? – Music Critic Lim Jin-mo Interview

    2018.12.17 News
  • [News] Developing a Novel Process of Writing Integrated Circuits onto 2D Semiconductors

    2018.11.25 News