News & Events

  • [News] Notice on 2022 Online Korean Language Courses (King Sejong Institute)

    2022.06.24 News
  • [News] POSTECH Opens the School of Convergence Science and Technology

    2021.01.29 News
  • [News] The World’s Only Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology Reborn as a Global Education and Research Hub

    2020.11.16 News
  • [News] POSTECH and Samsung Display to Cultivate Future Vietnamese Leaders Together

    2020.09.11 News
  • [News] A New Species of Darkling Beetle Larvae That Degrade Plastic

    2020.07.20 News
  • [News] POSTECH Solves the Durability Issue of Hydrogen Cars

    2020.07.13 News
  • [News] Smart Windows that Self-Illuminate on Rainy Days

    2020.06.05 News
  • [News] Volcanic Eruptions Reduce Global Rainfall

    2020.05.27 News
  • [News] A ‘15-minute’ quick diagnostic testing for newly emerging viruses introduced.

    2020.03.23 News
  • [News] POSTECH Ranked Third Best Small University in the World, First in Asia

    2019.08.27 News