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2022 Fall Semester Inbound & Outbound Student Mixer

2022.12.28 POSTECH IR News

On Monday, December 5th 2022, 2022 Fall Semester Inbound & Outbound Student Mixer Event was held at eSports COLOSSEUM of Jigok Community Center, for this semester’s inbound international exchange students and the outbound POSTECH students who are planning to study at our partner universities.


This program was designed to provide a venue for mutual information exchange and networking to help early adaptation and pleasant experience of living on campus.


Through this event, POSTECH students studying abroad during the 2023 spring semester were able to network with students from partner universities of their choice, which will be quite helpful during their dispatch. This event also provided pleasant memories for the current international exchange students studying in POSTECH by befriending Korean POSTECH students.


It is expected that students in the mixer will be able to reunite and continue their network during the spring semester of 2023 as the outbound POSTECH students will be going abroad and the inbound exchange students will also be returning to their home countries after finishing their exchange program at POSTECH.


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