Health Insurance

◦ International Exchange Students

All international exchange students must present a proof of valid insurance which is also effective in overseas when they come to Korea. They are required to submit a copy of their insurance certificate or other proof of document to the incoming exchange coordinator at POSTECH by e-mail or post.


◦ International Graduate Students

All international graduate students are required to join or purchase one of the following three insurance plans during their stay at POSTECH:

  1) Health insurance plan of their home country that covers most illnesses or injuries in a foreign land (i.e. Korea). In this case, applicants must submit a document of verification to International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) prior to their arrival at POSTECH.

  2) National Health Insurance Service (NHIS). Students are required to pay approximately 40,000 KRW per month, the amount being accumulated since the most recent date of arrival. NHIS provides a wide range of coverage for various injuries and illnesses. Furthermore, instead of getting reimbursed afterwards, patients can pay the discounted amount from the start at the medical institutions.

  3) Korean Private Health Insurance. Students are required to pay approximately 200,000 ~ 250,000 KRW per year. Please note that the Korean Private Health Insurance covers fewer illnesses and injuries than NHIS. Also, unlike NHIS, patients are required to pay the entire amount at the medical institutions, and then get a certain amount of reimbursement by submitting required evidential documents.


◦ Scholars

All scholars must register to the National Health Insurance and National Pension. To proceed, you may need the alien registration number and signed contract provided by the Human Resource Office.

For more information, visit the following websites or call the services: National Health Insurance (English call center Tel. 82-2-390-2000) National Pension Service (International Service Tel. 82-2-2176-8702~07, 8710)