Lunar New Year’s Celebration with Traditional Cuisine


International Family Trip


Chuseok Celebration


Fall Field Trip


Year-end Party

* Please note that these programs may be subject to change due to weather conditions or other circumstances.


ISSS Survival Korean Program

ISSS Survival Korean Program, coordinated by International Relations, will provide all international members of POSTECH with an opportunity to learn essential Korean phrases and develop language skills required to survive in Korea. This program will be differentiated from the Korean class provided by POSTECH Language Education Center in that, rather than focusing on learning the materials from the textbook, it will encourage its students to speak up by practicing conversational activities such as role-playing. After learning the materials inside the classroom, occasional class trips will be arranged where you will be given the opportunities to practice what you have previously learned during classes.

World Culture Awareness Programme

The World Culture Awareness Programme is organized by the Gyeongsangbuk-do Office of Education in cooperation with POSTECH since 2015. This program provides POSTECH international members with the opportunity to introduce their home cultures to Korean students at local elementary, middle, and high schools. This program will ultimately help to enhance students’ understanding and respect towards the cultures of the participants. Thus, International Relations is currently looking for translators for the 1st semester (April~June). Thank you for your interest and participation in advance.