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Warmest welcome to POSTECH’s International Relations page!기획처장 사진


As the first research-oriented university in Korea, POSTECH has been a trailblazer in fostering an inclusive and collaborative academic community.  As an advocate of diversity and a believer in the power of together, POSTECH is devoted to education and outstanding research that will enrich the lives of our local community members and contribute to the advancement of humanity as a whole. In fulfilling these goals, POSTECH strives to nurture global leaders who are well equipped to take on today’s challenges around the world.


POSTECH’s position as a leading science and technology university attracts numerous international students and scholars to its campus each year. Cultivating an environment that encourages learning and life-changing inter-cultural experiences empower our student body and strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit of young scientists who pursue their studies at POSTECH.


International members are provided with full support and backing of the IR staff to settle in their new home. During their stay at POSTECH, students are offered a rewarding and dynamic learning experiences with immersion in Korean language and its culture. Furthermore, access to top-notch laboratories and dedicated faculty challenge students to explore and refine their expertise.


I invite you to explore this website to learn more about POSTECH’s international programs and opportunities.


Thank you. 


Sanguk Kim

기획처장 전자서명

Vice President of Planning