Students’ Stories

I am an exchange student from Germany at POSTECH. Luckily I am almost finished with my graduation so I only had to take few courses here which left me with a bunch of opportunities. The first of these opportunities I took was to ask my professor if I could help in his lab which gave me an insight into the scientific research connected to the lectures. I also started to go to the POSLEC Korean class which has proven to be able to provide you with good basic skills in just a few months. Therefore it is quite easy to choose your way of profiting of the high quality education at POSTECH.  I can only recommend every exchange student to join at least student club here. I joined three of them and it is the best way to come into contact with Koreans and have great experiences and new friends at the end of the semester, plus their projects are really ambitious and motivating. So be sure to not miss it. Together with the POSTECH KAIST science war this gives you a strong feeling of being connected to the university to work together as one big team no matter which subject you study. This feeling is something I’ve never experienced back in Germany and despite many other live changing experiences makes it more than worth to spend some time at POSTECH.

Oscar Zacharias Telschow, TU Dresden, Germany


Going on exchange for a semester is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, and choosing POSTECH made it even better. It has a beautiful campus, and offers the best facilities, ranging from the gymnasium to the library, and everything in between. Aside from the campus, the people here are very nice and friendly. I had the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people from across the world, and learned about many different cultures. There is a lot to do in Pohang such as visiting the Jukdo Market, or taking a stroll by the beach. It is also not too far away from Busan, which is one of the most exciting places to visit in Korea aside from Seoul. POSTECH combines the appeal of both an innovative state of the art university, as well as the sophisticated maturity of a well-established school. It comes as no surprise that it is ranked as one of the best “Top 50 under 50 Universities.”

Peter Cheng, University of Waterloo, Canada


How can I summarize my experience at POSTECH in one word? EXTRAORDINARY. For my first time as an exchange student, I’m definitely not disappointed at all. Honestly, when I arrived at POSTECH I didn’t know anything about the school itself. After a few days, I realized why it is one of the most famous schools in South Korea. You can feel that professors and students are proud of POSTECH when you hear them talking about it! The facilities are very modern and having everything on campus really made my life easier. The campus itself is huge and you can definitely note where the reputation of the school comes from. In particular, I was quite impressed by the size and the quality of the library. At POSTECH, everything is there to make you enjoy your student life.

Anthony Tusithiphonexay, University of Technology of Troyes, France


Thanks to this semester at POSTECH, I met many different people from everywhere in the world. The Dormitory for International Cultural Exchange was a very good opportunity to share food and experience. As an example, every Monday, a citizen of a country (different each week) taught us the history and culture of his country and cooked some food.

NB: The kitchen in DICE was an amazing opportunity to exchange more than just words but food which is a representative of a culture.

As for me, I was sharing the room with a Chinese roommate allowing us to help each other for work as well as talking and exchanging about our previous personal experiences. Apart from foreigners, I obviously met many very kind Koreans who taught me a lot on Korean culture.

Paul-Alexandre Favre, ENSEIRB-MATMECA, France


My first impression about POSTECH was really nice. I had a huge expectation about the campus, but it surprised me. It was even better. I really enjoyed all the campus’ structures and facilities, (really good laboratories, an awesome library, good and cheap places for eat, sport facilities and all kind of support that students can need, Korean Classes for free or by a really cheap price) and the presentations about the campus on orientation week, especially on PAL and KIRO, were awesome.

Hugo Machado Tôrres, Federal University of Itajubá, Brazil


As I set foot in Korea, I had made myself ready for an overwhelming spectrum of experiences, challenges, people, cultures etc. and POSTECH ensured that all expectations were more than met. I am immensely grateful of POSTECH for all it has done and has been doing all these years as a part of this cultural-academic exchange. As my home university has exchange programs to many other universities, I also was able to compare my experiences to my friends’ which made me appreciate POSTECH even more. Academics, research, teaching, laboratories are few areas, where this university has always proved its worth and rightly so. But, what came up as a very pleasant surprise was the cultural aspect of the exchange. From weekly activities in DICE, to trips organized by ISSS to special culture awareness program, the journey has been very satisfying and complete.

Rishabh Malhotra, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India