POSTECH Summer Program

○ Introduction to POSTECH Summer Program

POSTECH Summer Program is a great opportunity for students who seek firsthand research experience and the Korean culture for the summer vacation. Individual research and Korean cultural program will allow students to explore the academic field of their interest and unique Korean culture and language. Students from English speaking countries may participate in the Campus English Program (CEP) hosted by POSTECH Language Education Center (POSLEC), where they can be English tutors for POSTECH undergraduate students.


○ Date

June 20 ~ July 22, 2016 (5 weeks)


○ Application Information


Currently enrolled undergraduate/graduate students from the partner universities of POSTECH below:

• USA: Olin, Georgia Tech, RPI, Rutgers, UIUC, UMCP, UMN, UW Madison

• Canada: U of Waterloo, U of Toronto

• Europe: TU Graz (Austria), DTU (Denmark), TU Berlin, RWTH Aachen, TU Dresden, TU Munich (Germany), ETH Zurich, EPFL (Switzerland), NTNU (Norway), U of Birmingham (UK), ENSEIRB-MATMECA (France)

• Australia: U of Melbourne, UNSW

Application Period & How to apply

• Application Period: April 1st ~ April 30th, 2016

• Apply (Under Construction)

• Completed application form must be signed by an exchange coordinator of home university and sent to the inbound coordinator of POSTECH via email.

Required Supporting Documents for Summer Program Application

• Academic Transcript in English

• Official Score of English Proficiency (for non-native English speakers only)

• One Recommendation Letter from Home University Supervisor

• Copy of Passport

Advising Professor

All applicants for the POSTECH Summer Program are required to identify a supervising professor to-be at POSTECH, and the identified professors will determine applicants’ admissions. Please find the list of professors participating in the Summer Program and their research areas.

List of available professors (to be uploaded) 

Admission Announcement

Application outcomes for POSTECH Summer Program will be announced in the mid of May, 2016. Admitted students will receive an application packet including Certificate of Admission, Admission Letter, Housing & Health Insurance Information and Exchange Guidebook (soft copy).


○ Research Program

All admitted students are required to write a research plan and submit it to their assigned advisors and buddies at POSTECH. Students will conduct 5 week research, and they will write a final report about research achievements and present it on the final presentation day. Students will not receive a credit or mark, but a certificate of completion will be issued on the last day of the Summer Program. Research stipend of KRW 300,000 will be offered to all participants.


○ Cultural Activities

POSTECH Summer Program will offer various cultural activities including the followings:

• Campus/City Tours

• Dinner with Lab Buddies

• Visit to traditional cultural centers

• Visit to summer festivals

• Special Lecture

• ISSS Survival Korean Class and more!

※ Final schedule will be confirmed and sent to students by the end of May, 2016.


○ Visa Requirements

Visa Application

Once students receive an admission packet for POSTECH Summer Program, they are required to apply for their visas individually at the nearest Korean Embassy or Consulate in their home countries prior to entering Korea. A Temporary Visit visa (C-3) is required to stay in Korea for the Summer Program period. Please contact your nearest Korean Embassy or consulate to find more details about the visa requirement and process.

Important Notes

※ International students must obtain a visa if they receive any financial support from POSTECH though stay period is less than 90 days and they are from countries with visa exemption agreement. Please contact your nearest Korean Embassy or consulate for more information.

Guide for Visa Information (Link to Hi Korea)



International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is to support and assist the international members of the university so that they can achieve their educational as well as personal success in POSTECH. ISSS provides services for arrival, housing, orientation, settlement, visa, and leaving and more. ISSS is always ready to help international members and give them advice whenever they need.

Link to ISSS web page: ISSS 


○ Medical Insurance

All exchange students are required to purchase a health insurance (travel, study abroad) from their home country which will be valid during the entire period of their stay in Korea.


○ Housing

On-campus dormitories are guaranteed for all international exchange students, and most international exchange students will be assigned to DICE (Dormitory for International Cultural Exchange).


○ Orientation

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will host a one-day orientation program on the start day of the Summer Program. Orientation programs will include informative sessions and visit to major on-campus facilities. 


○ Campus English Program

Campus English program is a two credit course for POSTECH undergraduate students, which is designed to improve communication skills through group activities. These activities include such things as topic discussions, a skit contest, a final project and field trips. The activities are normally led by group leaders with native or near-native English proficiency and are usually held in the evenings and on Saturdays. The university students in this course will perform approximately 120 hours (24 hours/week) of group activities during this five week course. For more information, please contact POSTECH Language Education Center (



Mr. Kiljong Yoo

Inbound Program Coordinator

POSTECH International Relations


Phone: +82-54-279-3685