News & Events

  • [News] Smart Windows that Self-Illuminate on Rainy Days

    2020.06.05 News
  • [News] Volcanic Eruptions Reduce Global Rainfall

    2020.05.27 News
  • [News] A ‘15-minute’ quick diagnostic testing for newly emerging viruses introduced.

    2020.03.23 News
  • [News] POSTECH Ranked Third Best Small University in the World, First in Asia

    2019.08.27 News
  • [News] POSTECH students won 3rd place in the APRU Global Health Student Poster Contest (UG category)

    2019.08.21 News
  • [News] Prof. Moo Hwan Kim, Appointed as the 8th President of POSTECH

    2019.08.01 News
  • [News] POSTECH Doctoral Student Gwanho Yoon Awarded the SPIE Scholarship in the U.S.

    2019.07.15 News
  • [News] A Wearable Vibration Sensor for Accurate Voice Recognition

    2019.07.03 News
  • [News] A new microorganism for algae biomass to produce alternative fuels

    2019.06.12 News
  • [News] A step closer to future 5G smartphones with the world’s first Antenna-on-Display

    2019.05.21 News