News & Events

  • [News] Developing a Novel Process of Writing Integrated Circuits onto 2D Semiconductors

    2018.11.25 News
  • [News] Professor Youngju Choie becomes the first female recipient of the KMS Prize

    2018.11.20 News
  • [News] Uncovering the Aging Mechanism of Boron Potassium Nitrate

    2018.11.09 News
  • [News] POSTECH GSIT Offers Korea’s First Nano-Master’s Program

    2018.11.02 News
  • [News] President Doh-Yeon Kim Signs the First Multilateral MOU of K-STAR

    2018.10.16 News
  • [News] Shedding Light on the Understanding of High Entropy Alloys

    2018.10.15 News
  • [News] Professor Kimoon Kim Publishes the First Textbook on Cucurbiturils

    2018.09.22 News
  • [News, Events] 2018 POSTECH Summer Program (PSP)

    2018.02.27 News, Events
  • [News] POSTECH Student Ambassador Recruit

    2018.02.19 News
  • [News] Job Fair for International Students 2017

    2017.07.11 News